Outdoors v Indoors

The weather has certainly taken a turn for the better. Even for the hard-core it is near impossible to resist the temptation to remain outside and ignore the faint calls to enter the gym and work out.

The sunshine, the better underfoot conditions, the requirements for less clothing all contributes to a more entertaining and leisurely work out.It is a general chance to mix things up.For those who not signed up to a gym and routinely work outside, it offers a break from the damp conditions and a cheap work out.Of course, funny looks will be thrown in your direction if you are spotted doing press ups and squats alone in a field or on the side of the road, but who cares what others think, this is your work out and you are going to achieve your goals.

The list of exercises for outdoors are endless including running, jogging, swimming, bicycling with park benches and walls to use for stretching etc.There are few activities that boast the same cardiovascular benefits as running/jogging.
This activity will greatly improve your cardiovascular system and reduce the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke.Hiking is a great activity to do while on holidays or simply when you feel the need to get away from city life.
Not only will it give you an excellent conditioning workout, but retreating into the calmness of nature will relieve stress. When climbing up hills, you will specifically target your quad and calf muscles. Your agility will also be improved as you work your way around various obstacles in your path.

Swimming is a great exercise, especially if you are a confident swimmer but always check sea/river conditions and notify family/friends of your intention to swim and how long you will be, there are far too many swimming tragedies in Ireland.

There is variety to be gained, change of scenery, the feeling of getting somewhere as opposed to remaining static on a treadmill.To some running on a treadmill is the equivalent to a mouse running on a wheel in a cage.There are statistics that suggest those training outdoors are fitter than those training in the confines of a gym.

Obviously indoors your work out can be more regimented and less distracting as you are met with the gym equipment and swimming pool, which might help you focus more and assist in a more structured and regimented work out, with the supervision of the gym personal trainers.
A creature of habit and routine will always fit in in the gym, walk in, get changed, make way to warm up area, stretch and either go for cardio or work with the weights to condition their bodies, get changed, hit the steam room/sauna and into the shower, work out completed and head for home.

There are benefits to working indoors and outdoors but be sure to get some exercise and stay fit.